Bamboo Flooring: Toronto Eco-Friendly Flooring

Bamboo flooring is hot. Until recently, most people in North America either thought bamboo was a plant from somewhere far away that you used for decoration or that plant in the backyard that you couldn’t get rid of.

No more. People thinking about green alternatives in their home are discovering that bamboo can give them great looking floors while treating the planet with respect. Here are some facts about bamboo.

Biologists tell us that bamboo is not a wood. It’s a grass. But it’s a special grass.

Bamboo is strong enough to be used as a construction material. It’s not just used for flooring. People build boats and houses out of bamboo.

Bamboo grows so fast that it’s a naturally sustainable resource. It can reach full maturity in as little as five years and it doesn’t require replanting or fertilizers.

You may want to ask about where the bamboo for your flooring is from. Most bamboo for flooring comes from China where it’s almost always from sustainable farms. But some bamboo comes from South American sources where sustainable methods aren’t used.

As a flooring material, bamboo is a lot like maple in terms of hardness and wear characteristics. People have loved the natural finish of bamboo for years because the natural light color can make a room seem brighter.

But you’re no longer limited to bamboo’s natural color. Since it became a popular flooring material, manufacturers have been adding stained finishes in a variety of colors.

You can install bamboo flooring anywhere where you would install wood flooring. Just make sure that you avoid places where there’s a lot of moisture. Bamboo is moisture-resistant, but excessive moisture can damage it.

Bamboo flooring can also be installed in a variety of ways. It can be glued to concrete slabs, stapled to wood sub-floors, and floated over most existing floor coverings. Essentially, you can install bamboo flooring in the same ways that you install hardwood flooring.

As flooring professionals, we can help you make sure that cork is right for your specific application. And we’ll assure that it’s installed using eco-friendly methods and materials that meet manufacturer’s specifications and preserve your warranty.

Don’t choose an eco-friendly flooring material and forget about the installation. We can help you make sure that the materials and methods used to install your eco-friendly flooring are eco-friendly, too. Not only that, we’ll guarantee that your floor will be installed according to the manufacturer’s specifications, so you can be sure that your warranty will be protected.

Eco-friendly flooring is only one set of options that will add beauty and value to your home. TipTop Flooring is a professional flooring firm that will help you make wise choices about your flooring investment.

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