Toronto Hardwood Floor Repairs & Restoration Services

Harwood flooring adds two kinds of value to your home. There is economic value. And there is the emotional value you get from living in a beautiful place. Tiptop Flooring repairs and restoration services will help you preserve both kinds of value.

Every floor receives minor damage from the normal wear and tear of life. That damage can be handled by your routine maintenance supplemented by a regular, professional care of your flooring with repairs.

Local leakage, excessive heat, or renovations to the structure or systems in your home can cause damage that violates the integrity of your floor. That’s the time to call us for a professional consultation to determine the problem and map out a solution that preserves the value of your hardwood flooring investment.

Every situation is different, but the first step is always to make sure that the cause of the problem is eliminated. After that, our Flooring Consultant can review the situation, outline your options and help you make a wise choice about what to do.

If the problem is serious and affects a large portion of the floor, then the entire floor may need to be restored or replaced. That may also be the best choice if you’re renovating a historically significant building such as a Victorian house or factory loft, to use it as a residence.

This page is about TipTop Flooring’s hardwood floor repairs and restoration services. Be sure to check out our Floor Refinishing and Polishing, Waxing & Oiling services as well.

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Get the Most from your Flooring Investment

Hardwood and laminate flooring add to the beauty of your home or condominium and improve your property’s value as well. Getting the most from your investment in flooring requires knowledge and professional help.

Improve your knowledge of types of floors, ways to install them, floor finishes and floor care by exploring this and other sites. If you do that, you’ll also be able to make wise choices about professional flooring services.

TipTop Flooring is a professional flooring firm. We serve the Greater Toronto Area. We can help you get the most from your flooring investment.

When you’re considering hardwood or laminate flooring, we can help with professional measurement, planning and installation. After installation, we can help you maintain the value of your flooring and repair it if it becomes damaged.

Please contact us with your questions or to schedule a professional consultation.