Nailed Down Installation

With Nail Down installation your floor is nailed or stapled directly to a subfloor. It’s often the choice for solid wood flooring which is often thicker than other types. Here are the steps that our professional Flooring Consultant and flooring installers will take for a Nail Down Floor installation.

It all starts with planning. This includes making sure that you have a proper subfloor and that the floor can be installed according to manufacturer’s guidelines.

The installers start their work by preparing the floor. They’ll assure that the subfloor is properly anchored and swept clean. They’ll make sure that the flooring runs in the proper direction. And they’ll install the floor using tools and procedures specified by the flooring manufacturer.

A nail down installation can offer you some usage advantages over other installation methods. The glued down floors are rigid, once a floor panel is dried to the subfloor, it’s there for good whether it’s snug to the next panel or not. A floating floor isn’t attached to anything and therefore can be creaky, bouncy and even move around.

A nailed down floor is easier to install and remove, leaving almost no trace behind if you need to replace it. That’s an advantage over a glue down installation, which requires a lot of clean-up after floor removal.

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