Floating Floor Installation

Many people ask us what “floating floor installation” means. Sometimes they’re concerned about whether their floor will be properly anchored. Sometimes they just want to know what “floating” means.

The best way to explain is to contrast floating floor installation with Nail Down or Glue Down installation. With either of those if you walk to the center of the room, the board that you’re standing on will be directly attached to the subfloor underneath.

With a Floating Floor installation the floor is suspended above the subfloor. It rests on a cushioned underlayment. It is only suitable for laminate and engineered flooring. Oak is an excellent choice for this kind of installation.

Here are the steps that our professional Flooring Consultant and flooring installers will take for a Floating Floor Installation.

Planning comes first. We’ll make sure that a Floating Floor installation will work in your specific situation. Your Flooring Consultant will ask you some questions to help us evaluate it.

Preparation is crucial. We’ll make sure that what’s under your new floor will be exactly level, with all low spots filled in. We’ll install the right moisture barrier for your situation.

To make sure your warranty remains in force, we’ll install the floor according to the manufacturer’s guidelines. These are guidelines for both materials and installation methods.

There are some disadvantages that come with a floating floor installation. There is often a feeling of mild instability when you walk over it. With a floating floor installation it is absolutely essential to use proper techniques and materials to prevent problems later.

However, these disadvantages are easily countered by the benefits of using floating hardwood floor: ease of installation and maintenance, low cost, the ease with which it can be changed and the comfort it creates for walking, since it uses cushioning between the panels and the sub floor.

You can find more information about Glue Down and Nail Down installation methods in this section of our site. There is also information about wood floors and the ways to finish, and maintain them. While you’re here, we hope you’ll take a moment to find out more about TipTop Flooring and the professional flooring services that we deliver in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

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