Types Of Floors

What’s the best type of wood floor for you? That depends. Cost is important, of course. You have to consider the initial cost of the flooring, as well as the cost of maintenance and how long your floor will last. Looks are important, too. You want to choose flooring that adds to the value of your home and your quality of life.

There are several factors that affect which type of flooring will meet your cost and appearance objectives best. They include the surface on which the flooring will be installed, the way the space will be used, where the floor will be in relation to ground level, and the humidity in the home.

In this section we offer you information about each of the main types of wood flooring. For each one, we’ll outline factors you should weigh in your flooring purchase.

Once upon a time there was only one type of hardwood floor. It was made of solid wood planks. But solid wood flooring is only suitable for some situations and environments.

Today we call that type of floor solid flooring and it’s only one of four main types of wood flooring. The others are engineered flooringlaminate flooring, and parquet. Each type has situations where it will and will not be the best choice.

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