Choosing the Right Flooring Contractor in Toronto

You chose hardwood flooring because you wanted to add value to your home and quality to your life. You should choose a flooring contractor that will install your flooring properly, treat you courteously and professionally, and help you maintain the value of your flooring.

Here are ten things you should consider before you allow a contractor to install, sand or refinish your flooring.

Make it a choice

It’s easy to go along and use the contractor whose services are bundled with the purchase of your flooring. That can result in problems and leave you with nowhere to turn.

Even if you wind up choosing the contractor used by your flooring vendor, talk to others as well. Ask them all the same questions.

Check the track record

Ask for references. When you talk to the references, don’t just ask about the quality of installation. Ask about how they were treated and whether they would use the same contractor again.

Check for general liability insurance

Make sure your contractor has general liability insurance that covers damage to your property. Ask to see a certificate of insurance.

Check for a WISB certificate

WISB stands for Workplace Safety and Insurance Board. The WSIB is the government agency that provides insurance that covers workers for work-related injuries. It is funded by employer premium payments. If your contractor does not have this coverage, you could be liable for the injuries sustained by the contractor’s employees on your property. Ask to see proof of coverage.

Check for a guarantee

Does the contractor guarantee his work? Is the guarantee written down? Does the contractor specify that your flooring will be installed according to manufacturer’s guidelines and professional standards?

Check for contact information

Will you be able to contact the contractor with a question or if you have a problem? Ask for both email and phone contacts. Ask your contractor how soon you can normally expect a response.

Check for after-installation options

Professional contractors offer more than just installation services. Find out what maintenance and repair services the contractor offers. Be wary of any contractor who only does installations. They’re often only concerned with getting the installation done and have little incentive to do a good job, since they won’t be coming back in the future.

What happens when the installation is complete?

Ask the contractor what happens when the job is done? Will they inspect the job with you before leaving? Will they haul away scraps and installation materials? Will they follow up later to make sure everything is as it should be?

Choose a professional

Anyone with a truck and some tools can claim to be a professional flooring specialist, but professionals act a certain way. Professionals ask you questions before they give you answers. Professionals can and will share information and explain the reason for their recommendations. Professionals are courteous.

Professionals also look like professionals. Do the dress, the printed material and the web site of the contractor give you a professional image?

Listen to your gut

You’re trusting the flooring contractor you pick with your home and your quality of life. Make sure you feel comfortable working with the contractor you choose.

You made a wise choice to install or refinish your existing hardwood flooring in your home. Make the same kind of wise choice when you select a contractor to install it, help you maintain it, and refinish it, if you choose that in the future.

Use this list to narrow the field to a few contractors who can do your job right and that you feel comfortable working with. Then compare them and their estimates.

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