Floor Maintenance Tips

Your hardwood and laminate flooring will give you years of beautiful service. But, like most beautiful things they should be properly cared for. Here are some tips for doing the job right.

The most important tip we can give you is to follow your manufacturer’s guidelines for taking care of your floor. You’ll get the best results that way and make sure that your floor’s warranty remains in force.

Right after Installation or Refinishing

They say that “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Here are some things you only need to do once that will protect your lovely floor.

  • Put felt pads under all furniture
  • Make sure all castors are “hardwood-friendly”
  • Place rugs or doormats at all entry ways
  • Place rugs in the kitchen or other places where spills happen
Every Day Tips

Your floors will remain more beautiful longer if you pay attention to some things every day.

  • Shield your floor from sunlight or intense artificial light
  • Clean up spills quickly and completely
  • Keep the temperature between 20 and 24 degrees C
  • Keep the humidity between 40 and 60 percent

You’ll find it easier to handle regular maintenance for your floors if you have a pattern to follow. Here’s what we suggest.

Regularly sweep or vacuum the floor to prevent sand or abrasive dust from accumulating and scratching the finish. Don’t use tools with steel edges or hard bristle brushes

Use manufacturer-recommended floor care products depending on the amount of use the floor receives. Floors that get frequent use should be cleaned every two to four weeks. For floors that are rarely used, every two months is usually fine.

If you live in the Greater Toronto Area, one of our professional Flooring Consultants will be glad to give you suggestions about how to maintain the value of your floors. Be sure to ask him or her about a Professional Care Program.

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