All about Wood Floors

You’ve come to the right place for straight talk about wood floors. People love the warmth, beauty and long-lasting features of wood floors. They add a feeling of quality to any room.

If your wood floor is properly installed it will last the lifetime of the house. Over time your wood floor will develop a lovely patina. And if you protect and care for your wood floor, you will never need to refinish it.

There are other practical advantages of wood floors. Their natural resilience makes them comfortable to walk on. And a wood floor will help insulate your home.

Finishes can help your floor fit your decor and lifestyle. Floors can be simply finished to show off the natural grain. Or, if you prefer, you can have your floors stained, bleached or painted to add pattern and character and enhance the beauty of the wood.

We know you’ve got questions about hardwood and laminate flooring. And, because we’re flooring service professionals, we know there are questions that you should be asking, that may not be on your list. You may only have to make decisions about your wood floors a few times in your life. We help our clients get the most from their flooring investment every day. That’s why we can answer the questions you have and the ones you don’t have yet.

We’ve put the basics of what you should know about hardwood and laminate flooring in this section of our site. Explore it to learn about types of wood floors and the ways to finishinstall, and maintain them. We’ll help you learn what you need to know and avoid costly mistakes.

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